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October 30, 2022

Terms and Conditions for

Copyrights and Trademarks:

All the content materials presented on Web Site are issue of Copyright. All rights are reserved with Theytviews.com.

The content and graphics presented on this webpage can not be used by any person or organization. All the logos, design, trade mark and service marks shown on this website may not be used under any circumstance without permission of Theytviews.com.

In case , permission is required then permission may  be sought in written from  Theytviews.com.

No Representations or Warranties; Limitations on Liability:

# The information and materials shared through website may contain few technical glitches or typing errors.

# Timely, updating regarding information is done on regular basis.

# The website does not ensure any representations and warranties regarding presented information, content or graphics.

# As already mentioned in the above point that there is no guarantee of “as is ” policy, so website clearly disclaims all the warranties regarding all the content presented through website either graphics or non- graphics.

# The website owner or publisher will not be liable under any law or court theory in any jurisdiction for losses incurred by any incident, consequences or compensation coming out of any way in connection with the utilization of information or services from the website.


# The above mentioned, terms and conditions are latest terms of agreement.

# In case, our terms and conditions are not acceptable to you then you are advised not to register or order with us.

# In case you have placed an order with us under your email id, then this very action of yours will permit The YtViews to mail you all the parameters related with your order. With this task you will start getting promotional mails, information provided through newsletter and other benefits like coupon etc.

By placing an order with us (entering your email address), you are giving permission to The YtViews for sending you to order details, promotional emails including coupon codes and newsletters.


# Our website i.e. The YtViews is not linked with Instagram, Facebook or any other third party media.

# So, as you know that our site does not have any association with Facebook or Instagram, so it will be entirely buyer’ s responsibility to go through all legal matters connected with these social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

# Before placing any order, with The YtViews make sure that you are using your services at your own risk .

# The YtViews at any cost will not be responsible for any of your actions.

# In any case of violation of any rules and regulations laid down by these above-mentioned media i.e., Facebook and Instagram, your account is banned then you will not blame our site.

# Your username on your account will be required by us to get the knowledge about INSTA API . Otherwise, it is assured that we will never store and share your account username with any of the third parties.

# We never guarantee of number of followers, likes or Views.

# Error free and undisturbed service is never guaranteed.

# It will be the entire responsibility of our product buyer to make their account set to public viewing while using The YtViews services.

# If, due to changes in the settings from public to private, the downtime of service occurs then no reimbursement for that specific time periods will be done.

# All the services provided through our sites are for boosting or for fame, we actually provide the real quality service. We are nothing to do with real means.

# It will be foremost duty of yours to get detailed information about our products before buying the products from site and any dispute occurring from purchase deal will not be liable to file any case against The YtViews in any of the jurisdiction.

# It will be your duty to understand all the terms and conditions related with our products.

#All the rights related with modification, suspension, withdrawal of services (partial or whole) are reserved with The YtViews without any prior information.

# To be updated with latest terms and conditions will be responsibility of clients only.


# When purchasing our product, you would agree that you can file a case of fraudulent via PayPal or processing due to credit card.

# In case you violate the above mentioned clause then we have right to delete all the followers, likes and comments received via The YtViews purchase.

Age bar for registration

# If you are registering with us for services , ensure that you are  13 years old .

Rules to be followed Instagram/YouTUbe/Spotify/TikTok

# During usage of our services, you are supposed to ensure that you are using our services only and you will be abide by all the rules laid down by us .

# On the other hand, you will also follow the rules laid down by social platforms like


# Once you have put your orders with us , you will ensure that you are not using the same services from other sites

# In case of violation of above mentioned clause, if your followers come to lesser count  or you lose your followers then you will not be liable to any refund or refill.

# For your followers count, you will use this site’s services only and abide by all rules laid down by Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Spotify (on their Terms of Service ).


# Your account will be public and during use of our services it will stay public only.

The moment  when the product is ordered and  delivered , it is necessary to make it set to public only.


# Once your order has been placed successfully and delivered also, then no request regarding transferring and removal of followers can be made under any circumstances.

# All purchases are final and will be used for a single account.

# In case , your order has not been delivered or partially delivered then a request can be sent to transfer to other account.

Regarding Refill (Views, Followers,  Likes, Subscribers)

# In case of losing the followers/subscribers/views/likes , the we will provide you refills which will be free of cost.

# It is thing worth appreciation as no other in the industry provides you free refills.

# But it is to be noted down that the validity for free refills are applicable for ten days only. No refill after ten days

# Your refill will be provided to you to acquire the expected number of followers only.

#If it is found that your account contains less than expected number  of followers only then the Refill will be provided.

Our system works on start count and end count. We will ONLY give you a refill if your account has less than what you must have after order delivery.

# Once the order has been delivered and you have ordered the same services from other sites, then, if any drop down occurs then our site will not be responsible for harm caused to the number of followers on your account.

# Through out the service period , you are entitled to use the same username which has been shared with us during the time of purchase.

# In case , if you have changed your username due to any cause then at the time of refill you have to set back the same user name to claim your refill service.


# If during our service tenure , your account has been deleted,suspended or you , yourself or social media platforms have  removed your followers, comments then refund cannot be claimed from our site .


The YtViews never asks for a password from its clients.

So , the safety of your account is entirely yours responsibility.